6 Mistakes To Avoid On Your Tutoring CV

At Tutors International we often receive hundreds of applications for each tutoring position we advertise. That’s a lot of CVs to sift through and it is our job to be brutal to find the best match for each of our individual clients and their needs. Even the smallest mistakes can result in a tutor’s CV..read more.


The below answer was given by a serious applicant, someone with a Doctorate, to a question that asked for some examples of how the applicant might use the environments of Washington DC, an Atlantic island, a motor yacht and a mountainous inland region to enhance the teaching opportunities. I beleive the entire educational experience should..read more.

Sunshine Apps – Baby Monitor

It’s rare that I find a product, the benefits of which I feel the need to broadcast more widely than friends and family, but Sunshine Apps Baby Monitor Y-Cam is one of these. Unlike most Apps that offer some form of 3rd party IP camera monitoring – and I’m not including in this the bespoke..read more.

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