Wealthy Families Stick With Full-Time Tutors Hired Early in Pandemic

By Douglas Belkin Upper-middle-class families, dissatisfied with K-12 schools, are signing up for the instruction as well. Jean-Francois Gagnon and his wife, Genevieve, watched their two teenage children grind through six hours of remote learning every day in spring 2021, as the pandemic rolled into its second year. The classes were inefficient. The schedule was inflexible...read more.

Financial saving and numerous rewards: the benefits of home schooling

Getting the best possible education for your child is paramount for every parent. Home schooling offers a tailor-made education solution and one that is cheaper than you might expect. The decision to home-school your children or send them to boarding school is a difficult one and there is a lot to weigh up. Having worked..read more.

If exams are getting harder why are so many English graduates illiterate?

Based on the majority of CVs sent to me by tutoring job applicants in recent years, you would think that most of the UK is illiterate. Bear in mind, these potential private tutors are graduates, and if they have studied the job criteria carefully, they’ll often be graduates from the nation’s most prestigious universities, have..read more.

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