Is Your Child Disengaged at School? Personalised Education Can Help

As the CEO of Tutors International, I see firsthand the growing dissatisfaction with traditional schooling. The surge in homeschooling, highlighted in this article by Jedidajah Otte in The Guardian, underscores this trend. It’s clear: a one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t work for every student. School can be a struggle for some students. Maybe they dislike more.

Championing for Change: A Call for Tax Reforms in Private Education

I recently read an engaging piece in "The Economist," provocatively titled, "Should you send your children to private school?" As someone who has devoted their life to private education, such discussions never fail to spark my interest. As I delved into the article, one aspect stood out: the tax exemptions and charitable status enjoyed by private schools in the more.

The Scientists Who Developed the COVID-19 Vaccine Were Once Schoolchildren

In a year of seemingly relentless bad news and unprecedented challenges, the breakthrough of a vaccine inspires me to reflect on the paramount importance of high-quality more.

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