Do you need a tutor? How increased one-to-one attention can resolve a multitude of issues.

Some children have very specific learning issues and difficulties that are easier to identify, but then there are other children whose grades just seem to slip without warning, and it can be hard to pinpoint the cause. Often, the underlying reasons for poor academic performance or bad study habits can be effectively addressed by more.

Are children ‘lost’ in lack of regulated schooling?

I recently read a BBC report on the 1000-or-so boys from Orthodox Jewish families thought to be in “illegal” schools in London. There is little difference between a (legally) unregistered home schooled pupil and one of these “illegally” schooled Jewish boys. Both can follow any curriculum their parents desire; both can be educated in more.


This was written in a recent application from a qualified and mature teacher for a position supporting a somewhat dyslexic young man: “Route education seems to bull doze unwittingly over innocent fields of enormous clarity and perspicacity misconceived as ignorance or inability.” The question it was answering was this: Illustrate a situation in which more.

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