Crazy World

Tutors Internationsl recently sent out a mailshot to all registrants on the database announcing two new tutoring positions in Austria, completing the IGCSE homeschooling for a young man that has been under our tutelage for the last 4 years.  The below is one of the responses we received to the announcement of these new positions.

“Better take me off your mailing list. I’m happily in C.I.’s Spain teaching secondary-age types what it REAL means to be a person of the world.  Smart phones not allowed….tense discussion promoted.  No Nazi youth like Trumpenstein here….haha.  Oh, your last letter was not “pooh-poohed”…just understood as this is why we (the world) end up with the Dick Cheney’s and Richard Nixon’s of the world and have to be on guard to such strict baloney!

Any my English seat-mates flying into Heathrow, who I made quite entertained with stories of lore…agreed with me 100%.

Next plane probably takes out Trump Tower….we can only hope.”

Thankfully this person is not going to be meeting any of our Clients, but it beggars belief that anyone in classrooms with our youth thinks that this is an appropriate behaviour.



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