Do you need a tutor? How increased one-to-one attention can resolve a multitude of issues.

Some children have very specific learning issues and difficulties that are easier to identify, but then there are other children whose grades just seem to slip without warning, and it can be hard to pinpoint the cause. Often, the underlying reasons for poor academic performance or bad study habits can be effectively addressed by the individualised, one-to-one attention and guidance that can be provided by a quality private tutor.

Last month, published a helpful list of typical signs that a child may need more focused attention in order to get them on the right track, academically. In a traditional classroom environment, even the most competent and caring teachers struggle to be able to lavish enough personal attention on every student. During my own time as a tutor, and since founding Tutors International, I have seen repeatedly how time with an exceptional tutor can refocus a child and teach them crucial study skills and habits. In addition to those outlined in the aforementioned article, I’d like to add a few of my own observations:


Frustration and ambition

Even the most gifted students can shut down and lose interest if they aren’t being challenged or inspired. Tutors International has repeatedly found that understanding and including the child’s own interests and passions in their learning can be enough on its own to renew their interest in academia. If your child’s school isn’t offering subjects or activities in line with your child’s interests, hiring a tutor can enable them to spend more time focused on the subjects they are passionate about without compromising their learning time elsewhere. For those opting for full-time private tutoring it is also possible to mix and match subjects and curricula according to the specific needs of the child. Similarly, if your child has a hobby or sport that they are particularly involved in, private tuition is a great tool for incorporating that into their learning, and ensuring it does not compromise or overtake other core curriculum.


Inflexible streaming

Teachers can be too quick to write off students based on past performance. Children experiencing a renewed burst of inspiration, having struggled in the past, can often find themselves streamed into lower sets, limiting their grade potential, and potentially making them feel undervalued. In instances where this cannot be rectified, it can be enormously beneficial to seek outside tutoring in those subjects.


Changing needs of the family

Tutors International has extensive experience in placing tutors, on a permanent or temporary basis, with families struggling to balance parenting, work and travel commitments with their children’s educational needs. Being away from school, or having a parent absent for long periods, can greatly impact on a child’s confidence and motivation.

It is now possible for children to spend extended periods of time absent from school with their teachers’ blessing and without impact on their academic timetable with the help of an experienced tutor. In fact, the different cultures and environments children can potentially experience while travelling as a family can provide a highly valuable tool for learning and inspiration. The tutors we recruit have the ability to plan curriculum and activities that allow children to explore these new environments.

Whether full-time, or in addition to a student’s current mode of study, private tutoring provides children with flexible and focused learning that addresses their own individual needs, while also accommodating the family’s circumstances and interests. Tutors International has observed children, with a variety of needs and circumstances, thriving under the supervision of our tutors. For more information on the services Tutors International provides, and for advice on identifying your own tutoring needs, visit

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