Financial saving and numerous rewards: the benefits of home schooling

Getting the best possible education for your child is paramount for every parent. Home schooling offers a tailor-made education solution and one that is cheaper than you might expect.

The decision to home-school your children or send them to boarding school is a difficult one and there is a lot to weigh up. Having worked as an independent education consultant for more than 20 years, it is something I often discuss with parents. Two key questions that often arise are the cost of full-time home schooling and the level of education that can be offered.

A well-qualified, hard-working home tutor can be an extremely beneficial experience, both academically and socially. The bespoke tutoring provided by a private tutor can have a positive impact of both the student’s and the parent’s life. Having worked in schools and in private tutoring, I say this from experience, as well as the belief in the excellent service home tutors deliver.

A wise lifestyle choice

For international families whose lives include extensive global travel, providing their children with a routine, and a familiar yet flexible education is often a big concern. Breaks in education can be detrimental, but many are keen to keep their families together. Generally there are two educational options: home tuition or boarding school. The former option keeps the family together offering continuous tuition from the same individual anywhere in the world.


A bespoke education

School-based education is not without its merits – competitive, encouraging independence and rewarding achievement. However, the rigid curriculum of school-based learning does not suit everyone – sometimes causing anxiety and low self-esteem.

The benefit of home schooling is that your child only is the focus – their individual needs can be catered for and their weaknesses worked on.

A good private tutor can work at your child’s pace; they’ll never have to twiddle their thumbs whilst the rest of the class finish, or hurry to catch up.


The cost: private tutors vs. private schools

You may be surprised to hear that the difference in cost between sending a child to boarding school or hiring a private tutor is actually very little, but one financial benefit of home schooling is the economies of scale: if there are two or more children in the family, it is nearly always cheaper to home-school rather than send them to boarding school.

The cost of a tutor can vary enormously and parents must consider the knowledge, experience and qualifications that come along with that price tag. Although you could find a seemingly cheaper tutor, the level of professionalism and quality of education provided to your child may not be adequate. Organizations such as Tutors International only recruit tutors for each individual client – guaranteeing each child has the right tutor for their individual needs. Excellent private tutors like these command salaries of up to £100,000, paying less may well turn out to be something of a false-economy – and one that could ultimately damage your child’s education.


Will they miss out socially?

A major concern for parents when considering homeschooling is whether their children will lack the social development often associated with school. Perhaps, the term ‘home schooling’ is a misleading one, for a good tutor will often take your child out of the home.  By enrolling in a wide range of clubs and activities your child will be provided with many opportunities for social contact and friendship.

Private schools can provide a robust education for students, but it’s a ‘one size fits all’ curriculum.

Private tuition on the other hand, is tailor-made for your child. It is system that allows you and your children to travel and learn together. It is a system that lets children be themselves and prepare for whatever their bright futures may hold.


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