Could self-regulation be the answer for home educators faced with renewed registration fears?

Self-regulation has provided private tutors and their clients with community, reassurance and a unified voice – and it can do the same for parents. Back in 2012, Tutors International was one of the first to recognise the need for a professional body for private tutoring in the UK, acknowledging that, for some families, finding more.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get worse…

Today I received this answer to a question asking an applicant to explain their experience in British language, culture, and RP. “I have my all ducation in India and it is efected by the british type of education and in ndia we speak british english and not american english” Do people not even use more.

Recent Events

Recent events with Tutors International have propelled it to a level of recognition and awareness that we have not experienced before.  The newspapers in Britain started it, by reporting one of job postings (the one in Geneva, if you want to look things up online) as a news story.  The same happened the following more.

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