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Recent events with Tutors International have propelled it to a level of recognition and awareness that we have not experienced before.  The newspapers in Britain started it, by reporting one of job postings (the one in Geneva, if you want to look things up online) as a news story.  The same happened the following week with a job in Cambridge.  Then there were the live radio interviews followed by a CNBC broadcast and article

All this publicity has brought several new enquiries from Clients looking for solutions to their children’s educational challenges, along with a torrent of questions, registrations and applications from those wanting to work as tutors.

Some of the would-be tutor approaches have been excellent, from well-educated and thoughtful people who have clearly taken their time to review our web site and make sure that they understand what we’re looking for.  Sadly though, by far the vast majority of the thousands of new interests have been bursting with drivel.

Here are some examples.  I have not edited the writer’s contributions, so please don’t write to me to tell me about their errors.  I can see them!

Example 1 (the answer was supposed to demonstrate the applicant’s breadth of subject knowledge across all high school subjects)

I am a polymath and well-read in a variety of subject due to my natural curiosity: For example: Stars produce new elements through the process of nucleosynthesis. Once a star several times the mass of our sun runs out of hydrogen fuel by burning away the remaining hydrogen stores, this stops nuclear fusion due to the core being transformed into iron. This quickly reaching catalyzes the critical state of the star until it explodes as a supernova. It is within such an explosion that created the heavier elements that exists today.

Example 2 (the answer was supposed to describe the applicant’s personal accomplishments in classical music, theatre, opera and the performing arts in general)

As a student and patron of the arts I have always enjoyed not only the performance aspect but also the search for the motivation that each piece of work delivered on. I have performed in many concert bands and jazz ensembles as a saxophone player and attended opera and dance performances in many cities around the world. I have danced in night clubs in Kyiv, Ukraine and attended performances of main line shows on Broadway in New York City. In my home town of Seattle, Washington we regularly attend orchestra, ballet and play performances.

Example 3 (This writer later tried to argue that since no-one else had followed his exact life path his outrageous initial claim was nothing more than a representation of uniqueness.  I left out numbers 2, 3 and 6 from his list)

You’re probably going to be inundated with applications from tutors dreaming of £100+ an hour jobs.
This email is slightly different.
I’m not young.
But I am experienced.
The following gives you a tutor with a different angle:

1. No-one in the UK has had my success
4. I have different interests
5.  I got my postgrad 23 years before my degree

Example 4 (answering a question about what the applicant thinks are the biggest challenges of the role for which they applied)

In fact, this location is the students need to have a mentor to accompany his interest in things, but also hope and mentors to share and exchange some information, to make themselves more clearly what is needed, then the learning process, if a friend is also of interest with their things like that ,i think learning becomes more abundant 🙂

Example 5 (answering a question about the extent of his or her experience of British language, culture and RP).

I have been a Dr’s wife for just over thirty years. I have lived a life in keeping with my social status. I speak fluent english and some french. I am an excellent communicator. We have travelled extensively throughout the world visiting great cities and enjoying other cultures. I love to paint in water colour and sing as a soloist in a choir. I enjoy opera, visiting museums and art galleries . I fly to London regularly to see shows there as I am a member of a private members only country club.

Example 6 (the question asked whether the applicant fits the prerequisite criteria of being an American who already has the right to work in the EU)

Though I am not American I have spent some time living in the United States and as a British citizen am able to live and work anywhere in the EU.

Example 7 (this was written by a prospective tutor who erroneously completed the Client Enquiry form)

I am  credentialed teacher currently workingfor a NPS school in california teaching students with autism spectrum disordres I am specialised in ABA and specialised instruction using visuals to improve rading and communication for students suffering from autism spectrum disorders.I have mymaster’sdegree in mathematics and had taught algebra in a california public school for 2 years and am willingto teach specialised mathematics.


How some of these people have been allowed to earn a degree or the right to educate our children frightens me.



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