A Peril of Politeness

Recently I have been writing to ALL applicants for a particular position to inform them that a position is now closed, so that they do not wonder about the outcome of their application. I am writing to let you know that we have now finished recruiting for the MON 0416 position and the successful finalist..read more.

Tutors International clients interviewed by Mansion Global

Advice on the costs and benefits of home schooling children of families who live abroad The Middleton family and their two children Olivia, 15, and Joseph, 12, have lived in Italy for nearly 12 years. The children had attended both a local school in Tuscany and an international school in Rome, before turning to full-time..read more.

Read the Question

One of the questions asked to applicants for a position in the DC area, for which my company is currently recruiting, reads: Among the following US Presidents, whom do you most admire, and why? John F Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama. One of the answers a serious teacher has submitted is: Lincoln for..read more.

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