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Advice on the costs and benefits of home schooling children of families who live abroad

The Middleton family and their two children Olivia, 15, and Joseph, 12, have lived in Italy for nearly 12 years. The children had attended both a local school in Tuscany and an international school in Rome, before turning to full-time home tuition with Tutors International.

“There was a life-changing moment when we wondered if our decision to live in Italy was having an adverse effect on our children’s education. We had made this lifestyle choice but our kids had no choice in the matter.” (quote from the article in Mansion Global)

Expat parents who are trying to weigh up the educational options have to make some complicated choices, and there are many costs and benefits that need to be considered when moving abroad with your family.

Moving abroad is a life-changing event and full of stresses. For parents who are either moving permanently or who travel regularly, selecting the right schooling for their children is vital. Educational options are varied, from opting into the local educational system, to boarding back in the UK; attending an English language school locally or getting a home tutor.

The issue is if you move regularly those constant breaks in schooling can be hugely disruptive, and if you are keen to keep your family together boarding may not be suitable. The benefit of a private tutor is that they can go where you go, wherever in the world you call home.

We met the Middletons out in Italy, and worked closely with the family to select Melissa Lehan. The private tutor, a graduate in French and Spanish from Oxford University, teaches the siblings from 8.30am until 2pm, five days a week.

There are three main concerns that are often raised when trying to select the right type of education for the children:

There is a common assumption that children who are home schooled miss out socially and on activities such as sport – this simply isn’t true. Private tuition is ideally suited to children and teenagers who want to develop a hobby or sporting ability. The flexibility a private tutor offers means they can work to help the individual child develop their talents and arrange activities that focus on these.

Mrs Middleton agrees with us, saying in the article that, “Socially, the children do not miss out because they see their friends after school. They play various sports and Olivia also takes part in a drama and theater group.”

Another misconception is that private tuition is prohibitively expensive, however many are surprised to learn that if there are two or more children in the family of similar ages, it is nearly always cheaper to home school than send them to a good private school. Add to this wrap-around care and childcare during school holidays and the financial benefits of private tuition become even more apparent.

Moving abroad as a family can impact your children’s lives and determine their future paths. Getting the best possible education for your child is paramount for every parent. Home schooling offers a bespoke educational choice that fits in with families’ needs, whatever they may be.


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