Quite Unique

The below is an email exchange I recently had with a would-be tutor for Tutors International. I have omitted greetings and salutations to minimise distraction. Enquirer: Before submitting my resume, I would like to inquire whether or not TI accepts experienced educators who are not teacher certified, yet, who hold a passion to disperse and..read more.

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One of the questions asked to applicants for a position in the DC area, for which my company is currently recruiting, reads: Among the following US Presidents, whom do you most admire, and why? John F Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama. One of the answers a serious teacher has submitted is: Lincoln for..read more.


The below answer was given by a serious applicant, someone with a Doctorate, to a question that asked for some examples of how the applicant might use the environments of Washington DC, an Atlantic island, a motor yacht and a mountainous inland region to enhance the teaching opportunities. I beleive the entire educational experience should..read more.

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