Are children ‘lost’ in lack of regulated schooling?

I recently read a BBC report on the 1000-or-so boys from Orthodox Jewish families thought to be in “illegal” schools in London. There is little difference between a (legally) unregistered home schooled pupil and one of these “illegally” schooled Jewish boys. Both can follow any curriculum their parents desire; both can be educated in more.

Could self-regulation be the answer for home educators faced with renewed registration fears?

Self-regulation has provided private tutors and their clients with community, reassurance and a unified voice – and it can do the same for parents. Back in 2012, Tutors International was one of the first to recognise the need for a professional body for private tutoring in the UK, acknowledging that, for some families, finding more.


This was written in a recent application from a qualified and mature teacher for a position supporting a somewhat dyslexic young man: “Route education seems to bull doze unwittingly over innocent fields of enormous clarity and perspicacity misconceived as ignorance or inability.” The question it was answering was this: Illustrate a situation in which more.

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