Is Your Child Disengaged at School? Personalised Education Can Help

As the CEO of Tutors International, I see firsthand the growing dissatisfaction with traditional schooling. The surge in homeschooling, highlighted in this article by Jedidajah Otte in The Guardian, underscores this trend. It’s clear: a one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t work for every student.

School can be a struggle for some students. Maybe they dislike rote memorisation, find social situations overwhelming, or feel crushed by the typical classroom environment.   A recent Open Access Government study confirms this, showing a sharp decline in student wellbeing by age 14. Students’ satisfaction with schoolwork at 11 years old had dropped by 79% by the time they reached 14 years of age. 

At Tutors International, we believe education should be a personal journey. Every student is unique, with their own strengths, challenges, and learning styles. That’s why we’re passionate about providing tailored educational solutions that meet the individual needs of each student we serve.

We’ve built a reputation for finding exceptional, hand-picked private tutors for students all over the world. We work with everyone, from those with special educational needs to the academically gifted and talented. Our pride lies in matching each family with the ideal full-time tutor who can truly understand and address their child’s specific needs.

Tutors International offers a lifeline to children who are struggling in their current schools. We provide personalised, full-time residential private tutoring where every child’s unique needs are catered to. We focus on a strengths-based education where learning is driven by the child’s curiosity and interests.

Our approach is built on the understanding that learning isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition. We work with students who have sensory difficulties, anxiety, or learning differences.  We understand the importance of providing tailored educational solutions that foster growth, confidence, and academic success.

Consider the story of Julie’s daughter in Otte’s article. She battled autism and sensory sensitivities within a traditional school setting.  The traditional school environment can be overwhelming for these students, leading to distress and disengagement.  By providing personalised support and individualised instruction, Tutors International empowers students like Julie’s daughter to thrive academically and emotionally, unlocking their full potential in the process.

Anna, mum of Yasmin, a Tutors International tutee, has shared her experience: “We were at a loss with Yasmin in the traditional school system. Tutors International gave her the confidence and skills to not only succeed but to truly flourish. Seeing her so passionate about her future is incredible.”

We’ve seen similar results with students like Matthew’s son in Otte’s article, who struggled with anxiety and academic pressure in a conventional school. Our bespoke tutoring programmes help students can regain confidence, overcome obstacles, and make significant strides in their academic and personal development.

Gary, father to Max, another Tutors International tutee, shared the change he has witnessed: “Max’s anxiety was crippling him in school. Tutors International’s personalised approach helped him not only catch up academically but also develop coping mechanisms for his anxiety. He’s now enrolled in a prestigious engineering programme and thriving.”

By tailoring the curriculum to each student’s interests and abilities we create an environment where learning becomes not just accessible but enjoyable.

As the complexities of the modern educational landscape are navigated, it’s clear that personalised education holds the key to unlocking each student’s full potential.  We need to embrace a more inclusive and adaptable approach to learning to empower students to thrive academically, emotionally, and beyond.

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