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Here we go again…  A new job posted on our site, paying £72,000 GBP per annum, and the drivel continues.

The question was one of five directed questions that all applicants for this position must answer.  What follows is the considered opinion of a teacher who believes himself highly experienced and suitable for a role with an executive level compensation rate.

At the time of writing this post the job was still listed on our site — if anyone reads this and is planning to apply please see the below from some applications a examples of what NOT to do.


Picture yourself in the role and describe how a perfect day might look. Please answer this question in two parts: from your perspective, and from the Client and their son’s perspective.

Example 1: A perfect day should be sunny and windy both from student and tutors perspective (I am using imagery here, not the literal meaning).

Example 2: Well a perfect one would be that the student looks forward to see me, he waits to see the first glimpse of me jumps with joy hugs me and I replicate the actions. We study we have fun we build a bond way beyond a teacher student thing. It’s more family like and it goes smooth like water in any vessel.

Example 3: Perfect days would depend on what the child wanted to get out of the day and how I could link the activities to my objectives.


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