The following was written to the summary section of a registration form on the Tutors International tutors web site in the last few days.  It is a section that invites teachers to tell me a little about themselves, their interests, teaching philosophy and ambitions.

Me and my wife could adopt this responsibility I attached my CV that it shows my experiences during the last 10 years. I can be a good mentor and math tutor for them. In addition, me and my wife can be good English teachers for them. I am studying master of Education in university of Southampton in the south of England and my wife studied English in one of the well-known college, SLC, in Southampton and has good grade in IELTS exam. Also, she is so adventurous, fresh, smiley, Cheerful, patient, and we both love to work with children. we can both accompany with children having a pleasure time as well as improving their academic knowledge and English.
If you know these people, please don’t let them teach English to our children.

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