Another dreadful example…

The question given to the writer of this answer was to explain which A level subjects they were able to teach.  The question was part of an application for a position paying $153,000 USD per annum.

“Obviously the majority of my teaching experience is in English/composition, however I have a very strong math background. I also feel comfortable teaching history and science to a degree (these subjects I feel I can build upon while teaching/learning with the student. This is especially true of history. And I have several friends who Taught college level science/bio/chem and can share materials and tips). Spanish I have taken for 4 years in school but have lost proficiency in; I do however feel comfortable teaching it and planning outing or creating activities which will require use of the language.”

With English proficiency at this ‘standard’ (and I use the word cautiously) I wonder how awful her maths (the British English short form of mathematics) would be.  Luckily I’ll never find out.

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