Sunshine Apps – Baby Monitor

It’s rare that I find a product, the benefits of which I feel the need to broadcast more widely than friends and family, but Sunshine Apps Baby Monitor Y-Cam is one of these.

Unlike most Apps that offer some form of 3rd party IP camera monitoring – and I’m not including in this the bespoke software written for a particular camera (although the same criticism might well be justified in many cases, if iTunes reviews are to be trusted, which, in general, I think is the case) – this one works, and works really well. It makes use of all the features on the camera, and best of all, in terms of managing a baby’s sleep patterns, it shows the sound level over a period of time on a moving graphical display.

Why do I mention any or all of this? Well, great as the software is, it has a small bug. And the developer, gifted as he is, isn’t getting enough downloads to afford to keep writing fixes and developing new products. He has a support campaign appeal running at the moment and I think his software deserves to be given the support it needs.

The link to his campaign notice is here

Please, do what you can…

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