By Gove!

With today’s news that Gove’s plans to introduce the EBac and thereby reinstate a 2-tier system that was disbanded in the mid 1980s have been cancelled, and that the GCSEs themselves will be made more rigorous instead, I thought it apt to post one of today’s registration clangers. The registrant’s professed subject specialism are English Literature, English Language, Business English, EFL and Spanish, and their summary section was:

I have over Five years teaching experience. I have taught English as a foreign language, Business English, exam preparation, and Spanish.I have my own Business home tutoring and teaching Spanish to young learners. I offer a bespoke teaching service, adapting lessons to the needs and demands of each individual student. I teach from home,students home and office.

The writer has 9 GCSEs.  Presumably some in English.  How can it be that we have reached such a low ebb?




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