When Schooling Abroad Goes Wrong

When parents relocate abroad to start a new job or to be near to family, schooling is an important consideration. Educational circumstances that need to be taken into consideration if you’re going to move your family to a new location include: What curricula do the local state or independent schools follow? Is the child required..read more.


An applicant I turned away today wrote the following in response to my point out his random use of upper case letters. “note: I had not correct your Grammer in your emails or spellings in your website.” This person has a PhD from an English university!!!..read more.

TES – Small Changes, Big Impact

The Times Educational Supplement has decided to remove its dedicated section for the private tutor vacancies and it will affect the whole of the tutoring industry. There have been a few times in my career when I have found myself frustrated and not a little disappointed, and the recent changes to the Times Educational Supplement..read more.

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