More drivel today…  This application was for a position in the US requiring an American who has a reasonable amount of experience working in grade school, and who knows about the Orton-Gillingham or Wilson approaches to managing dyslexia.

The applicant started out by saying “I have no direct purposeful experience having worked in the normal American grade school curriculum” and then managed to write another 600+ words about his views on educating dyslexic children.

“…as far as I am concern no matter how far north or south of the equator you are located, children who are dyslexic and are endowed with dyscalculia remain the same.”

“Thre is no tailor made strategy to teach particular challenges because individual learners are different in character and the way they assimilate information.”

“…what I have found in my practice to be successful is the idea of motivating these students so that their confidence levels be increased.”

“I believe that every child has the capacity to think…”

“Problem solving are done by making connections…”

I’m not sure which of his comments is the most abhorrent, but the really worrying thing is that this person is working with our young people now, supposedly trying to help those that are the most vulnerable, with this diabolical attitude to their emotional and intellectual welfare.

How do we even have a society that allows these kinds of people to become teachers?



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