Dumb Question

I received the following question today:

“I am an experienced teacher but do not have experience of the advertised test.  I would like to know if you will accept an application from someone with no direct experience of these tests.”

[The lack of question mark is copied from the enquirer.]

The tests in question are the College Board SATs, and it says in the job description we have written and posted on our web site:

“Tutors International is seeking experienced, well-qualified individuals with the drive to elicit the best possible testing performance from students on American standardized tests.”

This is unambiguous in the extreme, is it not (rhetorical).  How could someone, let alone an “experienced teacher” have misunderstood this and thought that we would entertain an application from someone without experience when we specify “experienced” candidates (again, rhetorical).

Is it just me, or have others of you out there noticed this kind of thing?

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