Could self-regulation be the answer for home educators faced with renewed registration fears?

Self-regulation has provided private tutors and their clients with community, reassurance and a unified voice – and it can do the same for parents. Back in 2012, Tutors International was one of the first to recognise the need for a professional body for private tutoring in the UK, acknowledging that, for some families, finding more.

Tutors International clients interviewed by Mansion Global

Advice on the costs and benefits of home schooling children of families who live abroad The Middleton family and their two children Olivia, 15, and Joseph, 12, have lived in Italy for nearly 12 years. The children had attended both a local school in Tuscany and an international school in Rome, before turning to more.

Quite Unique

The below is an email exchange I recently had with a would-be tutor for Tutors International. I have omitted greetings and salutations to minimise distraction. Enquirer: Before submitting my resume, I would like to inquire whether or not TI accepts experienced educators who are not teacher certified, yet, who hold a passion to disperse more.

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